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that president barack obama has only quote made the problem worse. >> the president's campaign slogan is this, forward. but for 23 million americans trying to find a job these past four years feel more like backward. >>> for the democrats, joe biden hit the trail today while president barack obama spent the day in washington, d.c. >> it is always america is in decline. i got news for them. romney and ryan are -- america is not in decline you are in denial. >> biden at a rally in keep oshaa, wisconsin. the polls have the -- kenosha, wisconsin. the polls have barack obama ahead in wisconsin. >>> bay area community college is showing students how they will be effected if they fail to pass an ordinance. the classes highlighted in red will only be offered if proposition 30 passes next month. if it fails the district says it will have to cut about 100 classes at the classes in livermore including science, english, math and history coursees. >>> a 27-year-old man was shot and killed. he was standing outside of the halfway house where he lives wait for a ride to work. it happened at 5:45 this morning
2012 coverage. at a nighttime rally in colorado ohio romney told supporters president obama is not the man to lead the country for another four years years. >> you see he's reelected you're going to have the status quo. he calls it forward, i call it forewarned. >> romney is off to florida while ryan continues to campaign in ohio. >> it's always america is in decline, america is not in decline, you're in denial. >> reporter: as for the democrats, vice president joe biden hit the trail in ohio, president obama spent the day in washington, d.c. >>> and coming up in eight minutes we sit down with a group of northern california voters, what's on their minds as they pick a president and help shape the future of the nation. >>> more bad news tonight for hockey fans what we've learned about plans for a full nhl season. the giants in detroit later in sports what ryan vogelsan had to say about starting tomorrow in game three. >> i'm going to have the forecast for game three, i think you're going to be surprised on how cool the temperatures are going to be and of >>> developing news
have not been the only one. >> who won the final >>> president obama and his challenger mitt romney faced off tonight in their third and final debate. there were a few agreements on international affairs but many more sharp differences. >> the two candidateses agreed on a troop withdrawal from afghanistan. >> our navy is smaller than anytime since 1917. the navy said they need 300 chips we're at 285 -- ships. >> we have these things called aircraft carriers. >> it's been going on for a year. there's a time. this should have a time for american leadership. >> we are gonna do everything we can to make sure that we are helping the opposition. but we also have to recognize that for us to get more entangled militarily in syria is a serious it step. >> reporter: the president reminded voters he ordered the killing of osama bin laden. >> when you are a candidate in 2008, i said i would take that shot. >> you look at the record of the last four years and say is iran closer to -- is the middle east in turmoil, is al-quaida on its heels, no. >> if we had taken your advice about the ought so i
has gained ground after trailing by 16 points last month. back in 2008 obama won the election in part due to the support of female voters. romney toured a power plant. the republican nominee says the race isn't about him but america and families and at a rally romney said life will get better november 7 the day after the election. >> i know, i know we're tired of being tired in america. these have been four pretty tough years. even for those that have jobs right now. >> reporter: romney says if president obama wins reelection people should expect more of the same for the next four years. on the other hand the president is predicting a grim future if mitt romney wins. >> he's hoping you won't remember that his economic plan is more likely to create jobs in china than it is in america. because it actually rewards companies that ship jobs and profits overseas. >> the president also said former secretary of state powell endorsed him. he is the first sit in president to vote early in chicago. >>> it's never too late to do anything. >> reporter: the omega boys club held a 25th anniversary c
." in the last election, 68 percent of latino voters went for barack obama. in san jose pedro garcia update news." the presidential debates are over...but in the bay area, election year politics are having a rough time competing with major league baseball . and as lexy nuno shows us ... polls showing obama up and romney down ... and vice-versa ... may be confusing many voters. ">>>(nat sound of fans chanting"giants") monday was the third and final presidential debate...but many people like ezequiel landaverde say watching the giants...comes first. (ezequiel landaverde/giants fan):"it's game seven, it's a huge game. another debate really isn't gunna do much for me." for some people, sports isn't the only reason the debates did not generate interest. polls and questionable facts are playing a role. (gao her/social work alumn):"with different numbers being thrown all the's confusing." and she is not alone. political experts say this election is full of numbers. (dr. melinda jackson/political expert):"each candidate brought his own set of facts to the table, and that does make it very conf
are nearly as tied. marco rubio shrugged off the use of obama's campaign of romnesia. >> for the rest of americans who are trying to make up their mind, that's very cute mr. mt. -- mr. president but what are you going to do for the future? >> mitt romney relaxed treating his family to dinner in florida. the polls show romney with a lead in florida a swing state. >> the central role that the middle class plays in building the economy. governor romney believes in tax cuts for the wealthiest, cutting regulation and hoping everything gets better that's not a strategy that's successful. >> president obama is at camp david studying for this week's debate. >>> meantime at lin university, stand ins rehearsed the focus is foreign policies but expect a lot of talk about the economy. veterans cbs news man bob sheiffer will moderate thatty bait. >>> tomorrow is the deadline to register for vote. the county registrar of voters said the forms at dmvs. you can now register online at register to so far more than 500,000 people have used the online voter registration service. >>> now bec
another. >> governor romney was paired with paul ryan. >> president obama plans to peek in six states. >> if we have any math teachers out there, you can look in this plan and you'll see that the numbers work. i won't be running the okay on you. >> the president appeared with the vice president in ohio. >> it's called the ipad and it may be the mini gorilla. >> i have your time line coming up. >>> police in oakland are investigating a suspicious car fire overnight. it happened on fruit ville avenue. nearly a dozen people had to e vat vacuate, but no one was hurt. >> the dow fail 1.82 decline. it marked the single biggest fall for the dow. at the same time apple debut a number of new products. why the new ipad has analyst busing. >> we have some really exciting things to show you. >> besides new generation ipad and laptops. >> use ipads in more places and manage places they never have been. >> tech analysts tell me this. >> it will be tremendously successful s it will reset expectations of the consumers. >> it will be a particular interest buzz of its size to children and
they think is ahead in the presidential race after the first two debates. ">>>"i personally liked obama a bit more because he wasn't as - he was aggressive in protecting himself and not so much, you know, out right saying someone else was doing - like saying mitt romney was being a liar the whole entire time." the csu system is being sued for campaigning for proposition 30, the tax increase measure, that will benefit schools. the howard jarvis taxpayers association filed a lawsuit thursday. the group claims an email urging support for proposition 30 originated at c-s-u monterey bay's interent address. there have been numerous rallies including here at s-j-s-u calling on voters to pass prop 30. state laws prohibit using public resources for poltical purposes -- including mailings ... and classroom time for political advocacy. the attorney representing the c-s-u says prop 30 emails were inappropiate and unfortunate, but it was done by a professor ... not the university. with the presidential election less than a month away the pressure is on both mitt romney and barack obama to do well in their
that pakistan has arrested the doctor who helped us catch obama's bin laden. it still provides safe haven for terrorists. yet we continue to give pakistan billions of dollars. is it time for us to divorce pakistan? >> no. it's not time to divorce a nation on earth that has 100 nuclear weapons and is on the way to double that at some point. a nation that has serious threats from terrorist groups within its nation. as i indicated before, the taliban, the haqqani network. it's a nation that's not like others and it does not have a civilian leadership that is calling the shots there. you've got the i.s.i., their intelligence organization, probably the most powerful of the three branches there. then you have the military and then you have the civilian goff. this is a nation which, if it falls apart, if it becomes a failed state, there are nuclear weapons there and you've got terrorists there who could grab their hands under these nuclear weapons. this is an important part of the world for us. pakistan is technically an ally. and they're not acting very much like an ally right now but we have w
of their surroundings while using that trail. >>> in and out to our election coverage tonight president obama and republican challenger mitt romney are on whirlwind campaign tours covering many miles in a short amount of time. >> no sleep. we'll start here in iowa. we're going to colorado, then we're going to nevada, then we're going to florida, virginia, ohio. i am going to stop in chicago to vote. >> the president also stopping in california this evening to appear on the tonight show with jay leno. forced to a tight rank with recent polls showing the two candidates in a near dead heat. >> this election is about your family, and families across this country and the choice we make will have an enormous impact on your family. >> for romney, today was a one-day swing through nevada, colorado and iowa. come tomorrow romney is scheduled to embark on a three-stop tour of ohio. no republican has ever been elected president without wing ohio. then-candidate obama carried ohio in 2008. >>> political fall out intensified today over controversial reyes remarks by republican candidate senate. >> that ho
supporters in two key battleground states, ohio and pennsylvania. in the meantime, president obama in his weekly address criticized republicans in what he calls "their efforts to block his economic recovery plans." they even kept it preventing a vote. >>> president obama and former governor mitt romney staid off the campaign trail as they head into their third and final debate on monday. >>> with time rounding out until the election, the battle in california's election is intensifying. lorraine blanco shows us about proposition 30. >> proposition 30 is about kids and teachers and they produce the brains and shells that make the jobs possible. >> reporter: governor brown rallied support for prop 30. >> if i asked any one of you if i could guarantee you $500,000, would you pay 1% of the extra money you earned that year? [ laughter ] i think so. >> reporter: it would raise income taxes 1- 3% on people making more than a quarter million dollars a year and increase the sales tax a quarter of a cent. many teachers spent saturday afternoon walking neighborhoods and passing out fliers with info
. president obama traveled to ohio today after last night's debate. he raised questions about the trustworthiness of the republican nominee. capitalizing on a recent poll. it showed 55% of likely voters think mr. obama is honest and trustworthy compared to 37% who think that of mitt romney. >> you want to know that the person who's applying to be your president and commander in chief is trustworthy. >> he also offered a 20 page booklet outlining his agenda for a second term. tomorrow morning the president is to begin a 48 hour campaign trip through three key states. >> we've gone through three presidential debates and we haven't heard an agenda from the president and that's why his campaign is taking on water and our campaign is full speed ahead. >> the republican candidate was in ohio today with paul ryan. the long cabin republicans gave him a qualified endorsement noting that they disagree with his stance on gay marriage. >>> more than 24 million people use you tube to watch the presidential and vice presidential debates this year. they streamed the three presidential debate
everything of the swiss alps to the amazon. >>> the documents donald trump is asking president obama to produce in exchange for acha [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. >>> tomorrow marks one year sinces violent clash at oakland's frank agala plaza. to mark the anniversary, a march scheduled for 7:00 tomorrow night. city police have taken a lot of criticism for last year's demonstration. this time, they say it will be different. >> we have a lot of confidence at this point that we can handle the demonstration. >> about two weeks ago, 200 protesters went on a rampa
spending, the cap federal spending and finally get us on track to a balanced budget. >> president obama is also on a whirlwind tour of battleground states. today in virginia the president shot back saying romney's economic plans would only hurt the middle class. >> he's hoping you won't remember that he wants to give millionaires and billionaires a $250,000 tax cut because the only way he can pay for that tax cut is by raising your taxes or blowing a hole in the deficit. >> the president took a quick de tour from the campaign trail to take advantage of early voting and cast his own ballot in his hometown of chicago. >>> here in california new polls suggest supported wayning for two measures crucial for the safety of public schools. a new public policy finds 48% of california voters plan to vote yes on proposition 30. support is down from 52% last month. as alex savage explains, educators are bracing for the worse. >> prop 30, the governor's tax measure to fund education falling behind in a new statewide poll. it's disheartening news for tracy eagleside who teaches second grade in berkel
. president obama also canceled campaign events next week in northern virginia and colorado to moniter the storm, but not before stopping in new hampshire, where he criticized romney's economic plan. >> hes has been running around saying he has a 5-point plan for the economy. turns out that's 1-point plan. folks at the very top play by a different set of rules than you do did. >> after the event the president made an unexpected shop at the common man tavern in nearby merrimack and chatted with diners and when one woman offered to buy him a drink, he bought a round of brewed ale instead. >>> nightmare in new york city, the possibility motive of the alleged homicide of two kids at the hands of their nanny. >>> a [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is sh
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15